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Q I'm a senior about to graduate in a few months and I can't figure out what I want to do. I will have a degree in marketing and a minor in mass communications. I'm currently interning at an advertising and marketing firm, but I've come to find I don't think I want to work for an agency. I do not like the business side of marketing either. I have thought about event planning, but without experience it is very hard to get into this field and I am looking to find a job right after graduation. I love entertainment, tourism and nature. I would like to live in Orlando, FL. Any suggestions? Where do I start?

A Dear Career Bound to Orlando,

I got excited about your possibilities just flipping through several categories of getthatgig.com! Where to start? Tourism and hospitality is a huge market in Orlando and you can start out as an assistant in event planning or sales and marketing at places such as Disney World resorts and on Cruise Ships. You can also get into hospitality at any of the major hotels in Orlando which put on conventions, seminars, weddings and other big events. Your degree will get you into the door, you need to gain the experience in hospitality and work your way up to the really big time event planning gigs (I hope you're really organized!) You can get many web sites and addresses if you scan through the internship postings for resorts and theme parks in the Outdoor & Travel category and the Retail & Restaurant category under Hospitality. Send your query letters and emails to find out what positions they have available for you starting this summer! (Check back to getthatgig often as we update our listings).

There are also some interesting positions within your marketing field in the Sales & Marketing category. Check out these career interviews: Community Connections Coordinator, Sports Marketing Coordinator, and Director of Media Relations. Each one of these types of organizations is represented within the Orlando area. Get an Orlando phone book, find company and organization addresses and send query letters!

Best wishes with your career in Orlando!



Q First off I would like to say that acting is my life. I'm 15 years old and I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing! The trouble is, I don't know where to start. I would love to get in front of a camera but I don't know where to look. I went to an acting school before,which was a total rip-off, but I haven't heard of anywhere in Arizona that deals with acting. Please help!

A Dear Getting in Front of the Camera,

There is much work ahead of you to fully realize your dream "gig" of getting in front of the camera even though you're 15 and living in Arizona. Acting classes are great, but they are not the only avenue to an acting career. You can start right now in high school. You should be trying out for school theater productions, taking drama, acting, speech and debate classes. Become an active member of the theater club. Your city probably has a community and summer theater that you should do volunteer work for as well as audition when appropriate parts are announced. I would recommend that you have a well rounded knowledge of this industry. Don't think of acting as just being in front of the camera.

Many colleges have film, theatre and communications programs that will give you advanced training as well as an opportunity to act on the college level stage.

When you are ready, you can get an agent that will assist you in getting auditions. It is possible that at this point in time, you will have to move to a major entertainment industry town such as LA or NY, although these are by no means the only choices for an actor! If you decide the stage is better for you than the camera, there are many large cities with wonderful theatre communities.

Keep checking the Entertainment category of getthatgig.com for interviews with people in this exciting industry and learn about the many different careers possible. Also, you can get information from sites like On Stage - -The Actors Resource and laactorsonline.

Best wishes working towards your acting "gig"!



A Dear Searching for a Job,

Are you looking for a job or are you planning on a career path? As far as a job for a 16 year old with your interests, you should look at retail fashion and cosmetics. You can work for a department store, or see what companies like Avon feel about hiring someone your age. Now if you are trying to research a career, you should consider fashion and / or cosmetology. If you are interested in fashion, right now you should be taking art, design, consumer science (the old home economics class) and a business class or two. These classes will give you the basics for your education in Fashion Design or Fashion Merchandising. Look into the schools that interest you and see if they offer programs in Fashion. You can pull up most colleges and community colleges on the Internet.

When you go for those part time and summer jobs, try and make them in retail fashion (like at the mall!) Learn the consumer end of the business. Your college courses will continue what you began in high school.

Usually during your junior and senior year in your fashion program, you should intern at a fashion house or major retailer (see the internship postings in the Art & Design and Retail & Restaurant categories of getthatgig.com to see what you may be doing in four years!)

Continue to research this industry on web sites like getthatgig and others such as Fashion Planet and Fashion Net. You can also access the web sites of all your favorite designers to keep up on the latest trends.

Cosmetology programs are offered at technical schools and usually take 18 months to two years to complete.

Best wishes designing your future "gig"!



Q Hi Colleen, I'm a Journalism major and I've been offered an internship writing a newsletter for a major Healthcare organization in Chicago. I'm really interested in being a science writer, particularly healthcare. What other sort of jobs are there where I can mix my expertise of writing and healthcare knowledge. By the way, I know a lot about healthcare because my mom and sisters are all nurses and I am minoring in Health & Aging.

A Dear Healthcare Writer,

First of all, congratulations on your great writing intern "gig"! I am also impressed that in addition to your Journalism major you are minoring in a specific field--Health and Aging. This is going to make you very marketable in this industry. Continue the route you are traveling and include some work, volunteer or otherwise, in facilities for the aging so you can understand your demographic market.

You will be able to look at the technical or trade publications in healthcare. Technical writers may work for industrial publications, computer companies, professional organizations and public relations firms who specialize in healthcare and pharmaceutical firms. There are also many magazines that specialize in healthcare articles for the general public and some that are specifically for the elderly (like AARP). Do some research into the companies and publications that interest you (you can even look through the magazine section at your local bookstore) and correspond with them on the possibility of an internship. Chicago has MANY healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. There are even a few publications offering internships in the Media category of www.getthatgig.com that may interest you. Here are some additional web sites to check out: The Society for Technical Communication at www.stc-va.org and the American Journalism Review at www.newslink.org.

Best wishes with your health care writing "gig"!



Q Hi, I am a college junior majoring in Spanish/Communications. I have no idea what to do with either of these majors. I would like to use both for my future job...I would love to live and work in Spain. I love reading fashion magazines and am very much into the media and all it has to offer. I hate math but love being creative. I am also bilingual and hope this can be useful in whatever my career turns out to be. Can you PLEASE help me?

A Dear Bilingual Creative and Confused,

I love your possibilities! Your bilingualness is going to be a definite asset in your job search. I would highly recommend that you research some of your interests and then get an internship or two before you graduate college. Let me throw out some careers that involve your second dual language. One is Translator/Interpreter for the military, justice system, commerce/business and freelance/self employed. You can get experience in this through volunteer work or internships (check out the Non Profit & Political category of www.getthatgig.com. There are web sites devoted to translators like the American Translator Association at www.atanet.org. In the US, Spanish language newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs are on the rise. If one of these facets of the media interests you, check out the internship postings in the Media category of getthatgig.com and get ideas of publications or corporations you wish to intern for. When you contact them, tell them of your bilingual ability and your desire to use it for their organization. Another site to check out is Saludos Hispanics at www.saludos.com which offers job hunting information and resume posting for bilinguals in Spanish.

Read the interview of the Photostylist in the Art & Design category, she has a great story to tell, even if that is not your career interest. And keep checking back with www.getthatgig.com for the International category. Who knows, the perfect gig for Spain may be there for you!

Best wishes,



Q Colleen, My mom works for Coldwell Realtors and she loves it. I think she really wants me to follow in her footsteps but I'm not really sure if selling real estate is for me. I know she makes pretty good money and that's important to me but I don't know if I have the people skills that she does. I'm shy. What other careers are there in the real estate business? Thanks

A Dear Real Estate Introvert,

Your shyness is definitely a consideration in choosing a career in the Real Estate Agent / Broker field. This is a career where you will be working with many people and it can be highly competitive. You must work with the buyers and sellers of a home, counsel them on the value of property, the type of property they are interested in, give tours of open houses, and usually hand-walk clients through the maze of actually closing on a house. It can be very rewarding work when you help a young couple finally purchase the home of their dreams!

I highly suggest that you spend as much time working with your mother as possible. If you can, follow her through a real estate deal from beginning to end (and this could take weeks or months!). See how she works with individuals and the research and paper work she must complete.

There is no specific educational requirements although many colleges offer degrees in real estate. Most states require you to be licensed or certified. There are educational seminars in real estate offered in cities and any major real estate companies offer training to their employees.

Other employment opportunities in this field include Assessor and Appraiser (determining the value of a property), Bank Services (helping people finance their dreams), Life Insurance Agents and Brokers, and Property Managers.

Don't let shyness be an obstacle if this is something you are truly interested in. The joy of helping people can sometimes override the shyness and reluctance you feel inside. Some clients may appreciate a more quiet and reflective approach from a real-estate agent, than a pushy, aggressive approach!

Best wishes exploring this "gig"!




Q I am interested in a job in travel writing. Do you know how I could find some information about this cool job and where should I look first. Do you have a list of publishing company's who hire interns?

A Dear Writing on the Road,

What a dream job, writing about the exciting places that we visit and sharing them with the world! There are several ways you can go about this. One is to work for a newspaper or publication writing a travel column. Now, it is rare that you can just start at a newspaper and pick your feature, but it is possible at smaller publications. Many writers have interned or worked on other features before getting to the section of their choice. There are internship ideas for both newspapers and magazines in the Media postings of www.getthatgig.com.

You can also write freelance. Do you have a creative idea for an article, column, series or even a book? Write it, take photographs if possible, and submit it to the publications or publishers you feel it fits. Many publications have their own submission requirements, so you should write first and ask for the specifics (you can get the addresses for your favorite travel magazines inside the covers). The Writers Market is a book that can be purchased at your local bookstore and will give you names and specifications for many publications. Other sites for you to check out are The Freelance Journal at http://login.eunet.no/~trondhu/, Freelance Online at www.freelanceonline.com.

There are also interviews in www.getthatgig.com of career people in the media industry. Check them out in the media category. They work for National Geographic and Fodors.com, big names in travel literature!

Best wishes!


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